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DNP - Financial and Business Management for the Doctor of Nursing Practice, 2nd Edition   

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The Labor Management Institute is delighted to share the announcement of KT Waxman’s new book “Financial and Business Management for the Doctor of Nursing Practice, Second Edition” published by Springer Publishing Company.  KT Waxman DNP, MBA, RN, CNL, CENP, CHSE, FSSH, FAAN is Associate Professor University of San Francisco School of Nursing & Health Professions; Director, Executive Leader Doctor of Nursing Practice Program, Director, California Simulation Alliance and President-elect, Society for Simulation in Healthcare, 2018. The first edition of her book is used in DNP programs at universities throughout the United States.

We are delighted to share that Chapter 4: Budgeting, Scheduling and Daily Staffing for Acute Care was written by ChrysMarie Suby, President of the Labor Management Institute

OR Today

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Issues with interviews by Don Sadler with ChrysMarie Suby, President-CEO of the Labor Management Institute:

1.      “Filling the Void- Recruiting and Retaining OR Nurses”; Interview by Don Sadler; Feb 2018; OR Today Magazine

2.      “Shift Change: OR Staffing Shortage” Interview by Don Sadler; May 2017; OR Today Magazine

3.      “Bullying in the Workplace” Interview by Don Sadler; April 2016; OR Today Magazine

4.      “Staffing Shortages and Scheduling Strategies” Interview by Don Sadler; July/August 2015; OR Today Magazine.

5.      “Do You Have an OR Succession Plan?” Interview by Don Sadler; March 2015; OR Today Magazine.


Additional Resources:

“10 Best Practices for Time & Attendance Professionals” White Paper for (ADP) Automatic Data Processing Inc.; October 2014; The white paper can be downloaded here

“Comparison of Nurse Staffing Based on Changes in Unit-Level Workload Associated with Patient Churn,” Hughes, R., Suby, C., et al, Journal of Nursing Management Online; Oct. 2013.;

Nurse Manager Span of Control and Effectiveness Study” by Dr. Chris Meade. 
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Creative Nursing Journal

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Issues with articles by ChrysMarie Suby, President-CEO of the Labor Management Institute include the following:

“Nursing Operations Automation and Health Care Technology Innovations: 2025 and Beyond”, Creative Nursing Journal©, Volume 19, Issue 1, 2013;

“Social Media in Healthcare- Benefits, Concerns, and Guidelines for Use”, Creative Nursing Journal, Volume 19, Issue 3; 2013.

“Shared Governance and Delivery of Labor Resources in a 24/7/365 World” Creative Nursing Journal, Volume 18, Issue 4; 2012.

“Shared Governance and Delivery of Labor Resources in a 24/7/365 World” Creative Nursing Journal, Volume 18, Issue 4; 2012.

Indirect Care- The Measure of How We Support Our Staff” Creative Nursing Journal, Volume 15, Issue 2; Springer, 2009.


Donna Cardillo & Associates

Donna Cardillo RN, is The Inspiration Nurse, publisher of Nursing Connections™ and author of “Falling Together: How to Find Balance, Joy and Meaningful Change When Your Life Seems to be Falling Apart” with multiple Human Relations Indie Book Awards.

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Joe Tye American's Values

Joe is the CEO of Values Coach, Inc., renowned speaker and author of Spark Plug newsletter and many books. Visit the Website at:


Highly Recommended Reading:

Building a Culture of Ownership in Healthcare. Available at or available at the Nursing Knowledge International Store.

The Florence Prescription 3rd Edition: From Accountability to Ownership. Go to  for details.

All Hands on Deck: 8 Essential Lessons for Building a Culture of Ownership. Go to for details.