Workforce Management Design and Implementation

The design and implementation of a resource management system includes a strategy to respond to significant variations in patient census, workload volume, coordinate resources in the various divisions of the clinical departments and develop methods to accurately predict and control costs in order to maintain a consistent relationship between workforce performance and workplace environment.  Expected outcomes are knowledge and tools to manage to productive indicators.

Pricing is Project Based

Educational Workshops/ Presentation

Educational Workshops/Presentations are available to develop the competency of schedules and staffers who can effectively manage a flexible work environment. Workforce planning continues to be a hot topic on the radar screens of organizational leaders across the country. What are the data points and how are they linked to organizational performance outcomes? Learn how to extrapolate and interpret the necessary data elements that become the key components in the development of workforce action plans targeted to achieve performance outcomes. Educational sessions for clients to present the theory of labor workforce management, both supply and demand side, in the areas of budgeting, scheduling, daily staffing, and management information. Resource team: design / development / implementation is included in educational offerings which will give the typical client a base of information to pursue their own workforce management approach (with or without consulting assistance) using performance indicators. Content also covers, work intensity, acuity systems, recruitment/retention strategies. 

Pricing is Project Based.    

Custom Reports

We have developed new software that enables us to create custom reports for clients. Using the clients own budgeted, delivered hours of care data we now can prepare tailored comparisons to our national database or subsets of the database such as teaching hospitals, community hospitals or rural hospitals. Please call us for further information if we could prepare exhibits for your own use or use in budget or program development presentations.    

Pricing is Project Based.

Webinar Training

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