ChrysMarie Suby, RN, MS

ChrysMarie Suby is an international healthcare consultant specializing in the area of clinical operations, scheduling and staffing systems, and productivity management. She is a nurse scientist, author, professional speaker owner and co-founder of the Labor Management Institute. 

Ms. Suby has over 35 years healthcare experience in a variety of clinical and management position. Her specialty areas include clinical operations, labor management, scheduling and staffing to budget in healthcare and other organizations (casinos/resorts, and retail clients) nationally and internationally, scheduling, staffing and report automation. 

ChrysMarie is editor and publisher of the nationally recognized newsletter Perspectives of Staffing and Scheduling© (PSS™) now in its 31st year.  She is the publisher of the Labor Management Institute’s PSS™ Annual Survey of Hours Report© now in its 27th year. It was the first national benchmarking database for Nursing in the USA started by Eunice Lawrenz in 1989. The annual report compares hours of care for 95 types of units by 13 service lines for teaching, community and rural hospitals. The PSS™ Annual Survey of Hours Report© was both cited and quoted in the 2004 Institute of Medicine Report on “Keeping Patients Safe; Transforming the Work Environment of Nurses.”

Ms. Suby contributes articles and serves on the Editorial Board for the Creative Nursing Journal. She regularly contributes articles to the Hospital Finance Management Association’s (HFMA) Business of Caring newsletter ( and the Healthcare Cost Containment newsletter ( and HealthLeaders (

Biannually, ChrysMarie hosts the LMI International Conference on Workforce Management© which provides education from nationally and internationally recognized speakers on cutting edge concerns for scheduling, staffing, productivity and workforce management.

ChrysMarie attained her undergraduate education from Metropolitan College in Minneapolis MN and MS/Adult Nurse Practitioner at the University of Minnesota. She is a member of AONE and she is a founding member of the International Organization of Schedulers, Staffers and Resource Leaders (IOSSRL).

Heather McCrohan, BS, MBA

LMI Sr. Associate Consultant and Co Project Lead, CCSS™, CCRL™, WEO-P™ Certified
Ms. McCrohan is a Certified Resource Leader and has more than eight years healthcare experience in financial budgeting, employee scheduling, staffing and resource management. Areas of expertise include workload measurement, productivity management, and resource management. She has assisted in evaluating and defending nurse staffing resources to senior leadership.

Ms. McCrohan is publication manager of the nationally recognized newsletter Perspectives of Staffing and Scheduling© (PSS™) and the Labor Management Institute’s PSS™ Annual Survey of Hours Report©.

Ms. McCrohan graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelors in Business and her MBA from Bethel University. She is a member of the International Organization of Schedulers, Staffers and Resource Leaders (IOSSRL) and the Workforce Educational Organization (WEO).

Ronda Hughes, PhD, MHS, RN, FAAN

Dr. Hughes has over 20 years’ experience in leadership, management and research. She works with national policy makers, leaders and researchers in various ways, improving the quality and safety of care throughout the nation. Her work experience includes academic and public service. She was a Senior Health Scientist in the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) where she was involved in both intramural and extramural research and led AHRQ’s quality improvement initiatives for nursing involving research and implementation of evidence. Dr. Hughes combines her experience with research, large databases and evidence to transform organizations and care at the bedside.
She writes regularly on patient safety and quality improvement as well as research methodologies. She was the editor and major contributor of the joint AHRQ and RWJF book, “Patient Safety & Quality: an Evidence-based Handbook for Nurses,” which is targeted to nurses across settings and is being utilized by schools of nursing and hospitals nationally and internationally. This book has received numerous awards for its importance to clinicians, administrators and managers, policy makers and educators. 
Dr. Hughes received a B.S. in nursing from Boston University, a M.H.S. in health policy with a minor in biomedical ethics from Johns Hopkins University, and her PhD. in Health Policy and Health Services Research from Johns Hopkins University.  Dr. Hughes is also a fellow in the American Academy of Nursing.

Adjunct Faculty

Martha Giangiulio, RN, BSN, MHA

Lisa Brackett, RN, BSN

Dr. Christine Meade, PhD.

Diane Maki, PhD, MBA

Jane T. Wall, RN, MSN, CNA

Dr. KT Waxman, DNP, MBA, RN, CNL

Mary Lou Schmidt, MSN